Talk Schedule

July 16, 2016

Room CR4 Room CR5 Room CR6 Room CR7
08:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

09:00 AM

Opening marks begin at 9:45

10:00 AM Push Data, Pull Data, Present Data Adrian Cruz It's Raining, It's Pouring? A web and SMS application in Flask and Twilio to call Farmers. Katya Vasilaky Design for Non-Designers Tracy Osborn Creating a culture of Computation - Scientific, Social and Humanitarian Evan Misshula
10:30 AM Why and how to GraphQL Victor Introduction to Microservices with Nameko Thomas Peterson Write Less Code with Algebra! Gene Callahan
11:00 AM


11:15 AM Playing with Python Bytecode Scott Sanderson and Joe Jevnik Webscraping by Example: An introduction to BeautifulSoup Stevie Slotterback Teaching and Doing Digital Humanities with Jupyter Notebooks Matt Lavin Making Games Piper Thunstrom
12:15 PM Introduction to Neural Networks with Tensorflow Mike Craig

Paul Logston

Migrating to Python, slowly Roger López Yosai in the Wild Darin Gordon
12:45 PM


01:15 PM Lightning Talks Ministry of Silly Talks
01:45 PM Python Performance Profiling: The Guts And The Glory A. Jesse Jiryu Davis Scalable code design with slimmer django model and more Dawa Sherpa Dplython: Intuitive Data Analysis, Funky Python Chris Riederer Piecing it Together: A beginner's guide to application configuration Mary
02:15 PM Summarizing documents Mike Williams Advanced Permissioning Jack McCloy PyPy & Us Could Be PyPy & You Julian Berman Opening the Magic Box: Creating transitional Python libraries and IDE tools for young learners Meg Ray
03:15 PM Hassle Free ETL with PySpark Rob Howley Best Practices for Writing Reusable Python Aaron Hall Postgres Present and Future Craig Kerstiens Understanding GPU Programming Daniel Kronovet
03:45 PM


04:00 PM A tale of two cellphones: Python on Android and iOS Russell Keith-Magee Building Command Line Tools in Python Erik Taubeneck Make data cleansing fun again with Pandas Joe Hooper Modular SQL Using SQLAlchemy Bo Du
04:30 PM Vector space modeling on music data Tim Schmeier Young Coders (or, 'How to Teach Python to Kids') Barbara Shaurette Algorithms to Sample From Streams Jonathan Arfa Distributed Consensus with Raft John Feminella
05:00 PM Fighting the Flu with Machine Learning Rohan Koodli Python for segregated signal averaging of cardiac baroreflex response in humans Trevor Witter
05:30 PM Care and feeding of Pythons Ewa Jodlowska

July 17, 2016

Room CR4 Room CR5 Room CR6 Room CR7
08:30 AM


09:00 AM Writing Neural Networks from Scratch Eric Schles Anomaly Detection Algorithms and Techniques for Real-World Detection Systems Manojit Nandi Exploring Cryptography John Downs Everything You Always Wanted to Know About NLP but Were Afraid to Ask Steven Butler and Max Schwartz
10:00 AM Probabilistic Graphical Models in Python Aileen Nielsen Sensely: Office Automation with the Internet of Things and Python Luigi Patruno Cryptography in Python Amirali Sanatinia A custom language (PPCL) plugin and syntax for Sublime Text 3 Brien Blandford
10:30 AM wat‽ Mind-bending Edge Cases in Python Dustin Ingram The Colors, Duke! Steganography using the Python Imaging Library (PIL) Prakash Venkat Making Sense of 100 Years of NYC Opera with Python Suby Raman Spark Dataframes for the Pandas Pro Alfred Lee
11:00 AM


11:15 AM An End to Boring Data with Visualizations Heather Shapiro Modeling State in Text Adventure Games Katie Silverio Don't Overreact: Moving from Twisted to Asyncio Brian Muller Pulling Cloud data into a database using Requests and Pandas Matthew Freihaut
11:45 AM Snakes in a browser Russell Keith-Magee
12:15 PM An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Jessica Forde python-dateutil: A delightful romp in the never-confusing world of dates and times Paul Ganssle The Sound of Data: Using Python to transform data streams into music. Gabriel Levine Beginner Pythonistas: Setting up Your Workspace (Life pre-Python) Reshama Shaikh
12:45 PM


01:45 PM Demystifying Python Method Resolution Order AMiT Kumar Abstractions and building up: A case study with chess_py, an open source chess platform Aubhro Sengupta Introduction to Web Scraping using Scrapy Kaira Villanueva Higher-level Natural Language Processing with textacy Burton DeWilde
02:15 PM Simple Serverless ETLs in AWS Ryan Tuck Python Gone Bananas: Monkey Patching Isn't Monkey Business James Powell We're All Database Engineers (WADE) Adrian Kramer Distributed Tracing in Python Yuri Shkuro
02:45 PM MacroPythonic Jerry Meeker
03:15 PM Using Python to Study Black Holes Daniela Huppenkothen Algorithmically Generated Music Using Pyo Based on User Data David Groff Build your own python pet! Tatiana Tylosky Advanced Git David Baumgold
03:45 PM


04:00 PM An Intro To Building GUI Applications Using PyQt Monica Chelliah Wrapping Go in Python Marcus Willock Python for Home-Ec Adam Forsyth Visualization and Analysis for Multimodal Presentation (VAMP) Ben Leong
04:30 PM Distributed Python with Dask Matthew Rocklin RESTful Service Design: Patterns and Anti-Patterns Jeff Revesz Hacking/typing/writing at 200 words per minute Ted Morin When the database can't keep up Adam DePrince
05:30 PM Empathy and Teaching Katie Cunningham