Cryptography in Python

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM on July 17, 2016, Room CR6

Amirali Sanatinia

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Today we use cryptography in almost everywhere. From surfing the web over https, to working remotely over ssh. However, many of us do not appreciate the subtleties of crypto primitives, and the lack of correct and updated resources leads to design and development of vulnerable applications. In this talk, we cover the building block of modern crypto, and how to develop secure applications in Python.


Although most developers don't need to implement cryptography primitives, the knowledge and understanding of these building block allows them to better deploy them in their application. In modern crypto we have all the building block to develop secure application. However, we see instances of insecure code everywhere. Most of these vulnerabilities are not because of theoretic shortcomings, but due to bad implementation or a flawed protocol design. Cryptography is a delicate art where nuances matter, and failure to comprehend the subtleties of these building blocks leads to critical vulnerabilities. To add insult to injury most of the resources available are either outdated or wrong, and inarguably, using bad crypto more dangerous than not using it.

In this talk we look at the basic building blocks of modern cryptography, and review the cyrpto libraries available for Python.