Sensely: Office Automation with the Internet of Things and Python

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM on July 17, 2016, Room CR5

Luigi Patruno

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Many of us have heard the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Leveraging a network of wireless sensors to facilitate decision making with real-time data does sound awesome, but how do I get started? In this talk we’ll examine the wireless sensor network my team created for office automation in a 24 hour company sponsored hackathon. Along the way you’ll learn how to connect real sensors to the NodeMCU IoT platform, transmit information over a network using the MQTT messaging protocol, aggregate data with a Dockerized Python microservice, and display it in real-time with various Python packages. By the end of the talk you’ll be ready to set up a sensor network of your own for some home or office automation!


In this talk we’ll examine how my team built a wireless sensor network in 24 hours with less than $300 and a bunch of Python. We’ll introduce the hardware and networking components of the project and see how to tie it all together with various open source Python packages including Flask, paho-mqtt, and psycopg2.